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1 Washington St, Bath ME. 04530

My friend moved into Plant Memorial Home a week ago. The administration there is fantastic. They helped with every step of the process. It’s a very homey place. It’s more like being in your own home. The location is beautiful, and the people are wonderful. They really care about the residents. The medical attention they show him has been excellent. They’re on top of his medication, physical therapy, and occupational therapy needs. They have been very communicative with me any time they had a question or I had a question. His apartment is clean, bright, and cheerful. The floors are brand new. They have big, spacious, and handicapped-accessible bathrooms. They have a kitchenette. It is freshly painted. He has a stunning view of the river. My friend says that the food is excellent. He loves to eat, so the food must really be good. I ate there the day I moved my friend in, and the food was excellent. He enjoys socializing with other people in the common room. They have a movie every night after dinner. People can go down and watch TV during the day if they want to. They do trivia, and they have a pastor who comes for Christian services. They organize outings. They can go to the grocery store on the bus once a week, and they can go to Wal-Mart once a month. They have an exercise class. The last time I was there, I saw a bunch of paintings that the residents had done at a painting class.

Elizabeth Barrett