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1 Washington St, Bath ME. 04530

All meals are prepared in our kitchen using local, fresh produce as well as produce from our own kitchen garden when in season. We offer home cooked meals that feature a menu designed to please the tastes of our residents.

Special diets are sensibly managed by a licensed dietitian. Friendly wait staff make meals in our waterfront dining room feel like special occasions. Family and friends are always welcome. We ask that you call us ahead of time when possible, but we will make every effort to make sure surprise visitors can be seated and served.

Local Produce

We get our produce from fresh seasonal markets and our home town grocer Brackett’s Market. Bath is a quaint and quintessential Maine town, located in Mid Coast Maine; twenty minutes from Freeport and forty minutes from the city of Portland. Everything is a minute away and easily accessible to our resident’s needs.

Kitchen Garden

Rick our maintenance and garden guru started a 20×30 kitchen garden that we intend to use for fresh produce this summer. He walked our extensive property and discovered large crowns of asparagus planted many years ago. We plan to enjoy tender Martha Washington asparagus this spring as a result. Rick is introducing many fruit and berry specimens that are great eating and a call to the many species of birds in the area.

Dining Requests

We have monthly meetings with our residents to discuss their thoughts on new menu items. We do work with personal requests to ensure for a healthy substitutes that will better suite the individuals appetite.