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“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.” — Albert Camus

Florida snowbirds might be enjoying a warm autumn, but they’ve got nothing on Maine’s gorgeous fall foliage! Are you wondering what activities you could participate in to make the most of autumn this year? Well, sit back, pour a glass of warm apple cider, and read on for a whole list! ​

Local Walking
Just 10 minutes drive north from The Plant Memorial Home is the Whiskeag Trail, with 5 miles of gorgeous woodland following the creek, featuring various local landmarks. The trail is one-way, but there are various parking/access points, so you could even take a peek at one before driving around to another entrance. Pets are welcomed and the trail is open dawn to dusk. If you decide to go, always call ahead to double check for trail safety/accessibility. For more info, call Bath Trails: (207) 443-8360 or click here for more information.

Walking (within 30-minutes drive)
About a 30-minute drive away, Wolfe’s Neck Wood State Park boasts exceptionally bright yellow fall leaves, particularly on the North Loop Trail. The fall colors usually peak in mid-October. The park offers the best of both worlds- deep forests and calm coastal waters. The walking trails are well-maintained, ranging from easy and flat to more challenging. If you decide to go, always call ahead to double check for trail safety/accessibility. For more info, call Wolfe’s Neck Wood State Park: (207) 865-4465 or click here for more information.

Down lovely, scenic US-1, you’ll find Bradbury Mountain State Park, famous for it’s fall colors. Pets are permitted and anyone 65 or older enters free. Try the flat, but beautiful, Tote Road Trail. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a migrating hawk! If you decide to go, always call ahead to double check for trail safety/accessibility. For more info, call Bradbury Mountain (207) 688-4712. More information here.

Local Activities
Perhaps you’re not a big nature walker. Columbus Day weekend, Saturday, October 8, downtown Bath will celebrate it’s annual AutumnFest, featuring seasonal activities and crafts, sweet treats, and lots of shop specials. The N. Street Block Party is from 11:30am – 3pm with games and a live Marimba band. The Farmers Market, full of local, fresh goodies, will be in Waterfront Park from 9:30am – 12:30pm. Local businesses will run all day specials. For more info, call Bath Regional Information Center: (207) 443-1513 or visit their webpage.

BOO! It’s time to get SPOOKED! Here comes the Red Cloak Haunted Mystery Tours of our very own local Bath. The lantern-lit walking tours run on various evenings from now through October and cost $15 per adult. For more info, call Red Cloak Haunted Mystery Tours: (207) 380-3806.

If you still fancy a more urban autumn experience but want to try a different area, just 15 minutes down the road is Maine Street (Brunswick), a pedestrian-friendly, scenic area with plenty of interesting shops to browse. Why not do some window shopping or enjoy a meal out? For more info, call Brunswick Downtown Association (207) 729-4439. Check out more information here.

Fall Fun at Home
There’s always easy, little ways to celebrate fall at home too. If you used to enjoy the old-fashioned caramel apples from the carnival, you can make a simpler (and easier to chew!) version at home by slicing thin, round apple slices and dipping them into your choice of toppings, then chilling in the fridge. If you’re sentimental towards eating the apple off a stick, cut the slices about slightly thicker (about ¼ – ¾ an inch thick) and insert a lollipop stick (available at craft stores and some grocers). Why not purchase a little pumpkin to display? Perhaps you could even paint your own design on it. If you enjoy the vibrant colors of autumn, pick a few of your favorite leaves and display them on your mantle, windowsill, or even on your fridge with magnets.

Do you have more fun fall activities that might interest our community? Contact us today!

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